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Adobe Developers Live 2021, Session | PWA: Turn any Site into a Progressive Web App




Session Details

Make your site installable on mobile devices and available offline with just a click, no matter whether it is a web app or a traditional site.

Experience League Session Recording 

Session Schedule

8-Feb, 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM PST


Kalyanaraman Balasubramaniam Krishnan, Patrick Fauchere & Gabriel Walt

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Session FAQs

Q. do we need to configure the service worker in this case? Is this part of future SP? 

A. No, the service worker is configured for you. At first, the feature will be available in Cloud Service. And we are currently discussing if and when the feature will be back-ported.  

Q. How to test PWA on mobile if we have locally hosted AEM on a laptop 

A. You will have to make an instance accessible from the cloud or local network and ensure that the AEM instance and mobile can communicate 

Q. When will PWA feature available on AEM Cloud? 

A. We are targeting the end of February 

Q. I am using AEM 6.5 but this PWA feature option is not there on page property. 

A. The feature is not still available, moreover will be released for AEM Cloud at the beginning 

Q. Can we integrate manifest and service work in Adobe experience manager 6.5 and what will be the location for this 

A. With this solution, all you need is to configure the properties and both will be generated and included into your site. You will need to use the core components and the page from the core components. Currently, this feature targets the cloud. Please do contact Gabriel Walt for 6.5 support. 

Q. Will this work on web,ios and Android? 

A. Yes 

Q. what is the size of the app generated? 

A. The footprint of the scripts and stylesheets added by the feature is about 3 kb 

Q. Does this need to be done on a page-by-page basis, or could you turn the whole site into a PWA? 

A. The whole site 

Q. What happens when you reach a page that is offline? 

A. If you have properly configured the precache, you will see the content. Otherwise, you won’t 

Q. This will work on SPA editor mode? 

A. Yes, it should. The features are independent and complementary 

Q. will the PWA option also be available for regular sites or only for spa sites? 

A. The feature works with regular sites as well 

Q. Can you use a regex for the page you want to cache offline instead of one by one? 

A. Sadly no, Workbox doesn’t allow it 

Q. Does it work with Single page application for example using Vue.js ? 

A. Yes 

Q. how will you be able to leverage and extend on native app capabilities within this pwa context targetted at specific devices 

A. This mostly depends on the support of PWA by the different OS. That said, to activate cutting-edge functionalities, you may want the developer to have full control over the PWA and therefore come with their own implementation 


Q. What about clearing the cache of cdn and dispatcher 

A. We are using cache-control response header to pilot the CDN cache invalidation 

Q. Where do service workers and manifest.json live in aem structure? 

A.  They are not stored. A servlet at the origin is in charge of dynamically generate these. 

Q. In my site, there is some editable page created by template generated with "update xdp file". I can use PWA in this case? 

A. We cannot tell as we haven’t tested this approach 

Q. Do we have this sample app for our practice? 

A. The app is a standard WKND project 

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