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Adobe Developers Live 2021, Session | Asset Compute Service Extensibility




Session Details

Learn how to use Project Firefly to build a custom Asset Compute worker for asset processing during ingestion into AEM

Experience League Session Recording 

Session Schedule

9-Feb, 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM PST


Chandar Natarajan & Jamie Delbick

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Session FAQs

Q. Is DM a part of the custom workers? Or it's a completely different architecture mutually exclusive to DM? 
A. Asset Compute service does not connect to DM. Its a different flow 
Q. Is there a sample repo for this custom worker? 
Q. why node 12 and not 14+? 
A. project firefly is yet to support Node 14 
Q. for customers on DM, do they have to subscribe to both Asset Compute and DM or either (does this replace DM)? 
A. Aem Assets Cloud Service is by default subscribed to Asset Compute service. This isn't DM - DM is available OOB with AEMaaCS, requires a license. 
Q. can we also store external files in the blob, fetched from an 3rd party API? 
A. yes metadata and external file/renditions generated from external API can be stored as rendition but it's limited to the rendition size passed from Aem Assets 
Q. Does this mean if I have to connect DM to AEMaaCS, that'll be a custom worker that connects DM to Asset Compute? 
A. DM used as currently, but you can pass assets to it that have been processed by AC 
Q. DM depends on DMC/Scene7. Any plans to change DM architecture to remove this dependency? 
A. No. If the customer has DM license, Asset would be sent to DM for additional processing. 
Q. How does this connect to Dynamic Media?  
A. Asset Compute service does not connect to Dynamic Media. As mentioned above, assets would be sent to DM for additional processing in addition to the Asset Compute service. 
Q. Does that only work for Assets or also for content fragments? Like porting Products from a PIM into AEM 
A. Currently fragments is not supported, it is in our roadmap 
Q. Is smart crop available OOTB? 
A. Not yet. 

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