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Adobe Developers Live 2021, Session | Local Build analyzers with AEM as a Cloud Service




Session Details

Focus on new analyzers added to the AEM archetype, allowing to reproduce locally validations that will be done within the Cloud Manager deployment pipelines.

Session Schedule

9-Feb, 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM PST


Brian Chaikelson, Karl Pauls & David Bosschaert

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Session FAQs

Q. Should the aem-analyser-maven-plugin be executed in the Maven Build of the CloudManager  or do you consider that duplicate work, as in later phases of the CloudManager the same analysers are executed... Currently the AEM Maven Archetype does not prevent them from executing (with a Maven profile) on CloudManager which will IMHO just defer the build 

A. Cloud Manager will only run the analyzers once. 

Q. can I also use it when I am in AMS (using cloudmanager); or will there be no advantage? 

A. The analyzer is geared toward AEM Cloud Service project, although it also is run in other contexts outside of AEM Cloud Service. In that case, some configurations used by it might not 100% match the configuration of the target system, so additional configuration may need to be provided. 

Q. What is native code. 

A. native code is typically C/C++ code called from Java via JNI. It's a Java feature that you shouldn't use in Cloud systems. 

Q. What do analysers scan? Code? Built package? 

A. they check code in OSGi bundles, content packages, metadata, etc. 

Q. Since it will increase build time, is it possible to make it optional (may be using maven parameters)? 

A. they are optional, but recommended as they will likely make your development cycle faster. As the analysers will report more quickly than they would be when only running in AEMaaCS. 

Q. How much overhead does it add... Should we run in with every build or nightly? 

A.  you can see in Karls demo it takes 23 secs there, but it might be a bit more in bigger projects 

Q. That means the execution of the aemanalyser-maven-plugin is a noop in the CloudManager Maven Build Phase? 

A. we still need to implement the part that only runs them once, so those details are still TBD. 

Q. Do you have less lethal warnings on your roadmap, like "code style" or recommended patterns? 

A. Code styles are very different from organization to organization. There are other tools already on the market that can be configured to your organization’s needs for this. 

Don't forget to register yourself for this session using the registration link shared above. 

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