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ACS commons deploy script - would not run in cloud/AWS author if I install the package manually in CRX packmgr


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as above.


some info:

  1.  I know it's not running because I don't get a new entry in this folder => /var/acs-commons/on-deploy-scripts-status. Also the node changes I am making in my class is not present.
  2. In my custom class, I have some info (just to indicate the class is running) and exception logging and none of these show up in the logs.
  3. I installed the same package on my local author and the deploy script runs (basically opposite of what I described in no1)
  4. I installed the same package on cloud AWS/publisher and I get the same results as no2.
  5. I looked at the guide on this page (On-Deploy Scripts (adobe-consulting-services.github.io)) and nothing stands out that I have not done already.
  6. I built the package locally by running "mvn clean install".

Any ideas what could I be doing wrong? Thanks


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