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Hi all - I keep reading that the search feature is on the road map and is coming very very soon.

If it's not a finished product, yet, do you mind if I make a few suggestions?

1. Create at least a dual hierarchy of search features: Level 1 is a hierarchy of words that are found within articles and the results that would show up are from each article that would contain those words (if I have a collection where I'm writing about how awesome Colin Fleming's glasses are, I could search for the word "glasses" and find that article as a result. Level 2 would be a search term that is given a higher level of results, perhaps the results would come with an image or help make the app more discoverable in App Store searches where I could search for "David Hicks beard" and put this as a keyword or term in the meta data of the actual article itself in the cms structure.

2. Make search results beautiful to look at. As I mentioned, perhaps the image associated with the article could pop up with a description of the article and the actual sentence where the term appears.

3. There are only two logical places to put the search bar: The hamburger menu or the main browse page. Please choose the hamburger menu.

4. Support own search engine within our app where can create our own database of search terms and results within the app itself if our pages are html based.

I don't know if any of what I said made sense, but I'm hoping it could be a really nice feature. The two best examples of search bars imho are Pinterests and Spotify's desktop app.

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Hi David,

A beta version of search will be available in next Monday's release (2/22). In the initial release, you enable search indexing in project settings. If indexing is enabled, article metadata is indexed whenever you publish articles. The search option will appear in the app menu (hamburger menu), and it will initially search only article metadata, not HTML article content. Search results display articles as cards. In this beta release, the default card and layout are used to format the card.

Take a look at the list of new features next Monday, test the search feature, and let us know what you think.


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Hi Bob,

I tried to find it under the project setting, but I can't. Is already there?



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Any chance that the search is going to be more sophisticated then a metatag? I have many many articles and I really don't want to be doing metatags on all of them. Why can't it be based on HTML?



There are no current plans for full-content indexing. Indexing will continue to based on metadata (article titles, descriptions, keywords, etc.). The only fields not indexed are Internal Keywords and the settings of Article Importance and Search Indexing Language.