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Is there a Navto command, or other way (yet) to navigate back to a parent collection? 

I am familiar with the go to URL command to navigate to the home collection: goto://ApplicationViewState/library

However, we'd really like to be able to "back out" of an article to the parent collection without having to call up the built in nav bar.  Any help?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Not yet, but it's on our list to tackle in the near future. We really want to get that in, as well as a way to link directly to collections.


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Answers (4)



Is it implemented now? I'm trying to go to the parent collection of a collection, but it isn't working properly.  I'm actually using the navto://relative/parent.

This works at the first time who I go to the collection and try to go back to its parent, but when I enter in an article and go back to the collection and try to go to the parent collection using the  navto://relative/parent, it is working like the back button and send me to the article again.

Any help to make this work and send me to the parent collection?



Hi Neil,

good to hear! Can you say how far away that still is? 

Because I'm planning projects right now that would really benefit from this.

Otherwise I have to find workarounds somehow.