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Layout Templates inconsistent throughout different iPad devices


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We've used the layout builder to create the browse page below. It looks great on an iPad Pro, but when we load it onto an iPad, the spacing and text sizes seem to be totally different from what we have going on in the layout. I understand that scaling happens to fit onto the smaller screen, but it seems like elements like leading have changed drastically. Compare below:

Layout Builder

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.57.29 PM.png

iPad Pro




As you can see, the "Spring 2017" tag has a ridiculous amount of spacing and sits itself right on top of the logo in the banner image. The leading has increase between that and the "Live.Climb.Repeat" below it as well as within that L.C.R. title. Even the leading in the L.C.R. box to the right of that banner has increased leading.

Because these devices use the same aspect ratio, I'm not totally sure how to fix this. Is there anything I can do on my end to make sure this is consistent throughout all iPads?

Build Specs: The logo, "Spring 2017" and "Live.Climb.Repeat" are all part of the same card. The logo is the image and the other text is the Abstract and Short Title from the banner metadata. I've created the layout based on 1024 x 768 aspect ratio.

Thank you!!!

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Based on a recent question: what are the type specs for the metadata used on that card? A previous question came down to a leading value of less than 1.0 on iOS not displaying the same way as on Android. Your settings might be a new data point for how leading values are working on iOS.

A long shot, but potentially interesting.



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The leading for the "Spring 2017" is 1.7 while the title text below it is 0.9. I tried adjusting it to 1 to see if maybe the value below 1 was messing things up like you said and the leading adjusted how you'd expect it to and bumped all of the text up from the baseline (screenshot attached)


So are you suggesting maybe that this is some internal AEM bug between iOS devices? Should I put forward a request to get this figured out by the folks at Adobe?

And thank you so much for your quick response!


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Hey Jenn;

Back in mid-March this topic was going on:

Cards titles look different when published

It seems that iOS apps prefer leading of 1.1 or greater. Leading less than this value don't work as expected.

In a related forum thread it was discovered that if you need to include the zero before the decimal place. Enter 0.9; entering only ".9" would become "9" -- but entering "0.9" would work -- but poorly for iOS currently.

Adobe PMs are aware of these problems.



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I did see that topic, but the thing that's puzzling me is that it works on one iPad but not the other. I also checked on an iPad Mini and it has the same weird leading as the iPad, but the iPad Pro is perfect. They all have the same iOS update and are loading the same app updates and I obviously need to have it work on all three. For now though I can just create an image out of this text with the logo or adjust the font file we're loading.

Thank you very much for your help, Colin!