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I have 5 Digital Publishing Suite Apps in the app store, Does this effect my Professional License, is it going to cost me more money to work on my current projects?? Am i forced to use the new Digital Publishing Solutions platform to create and deploy? or is the digital publishing suite going to be updated in the future? Or has everything changed again like last June? Please advise


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DPS Professional is no longer available so I'd expect you'd have to go for an Enterprise license upon renewal.

The new contract would grant you access to Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) but you would still have access to the Digital publishing Suite (DPS Classic) until such time it is phased out.

I also found this below - not sure if this is still relevant but you may want to ping that email address. Otherwise request a consultation Adobe | Request for consultation    

The general idea - already mentioned in some other posts - is that we will continue to support DPS (2014, Classic) for at least a year after the launch of DPS (2015) but it could be longer.

Hope that helps.

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