Easy Way to Add the Gestures API to Muse




I've seen a number of questions on this forum looking for a way for non-developers to add the AEMM Gestures API to Muse, so that the navigation will toggle when the screen is tapped. I developed a .mucow widget for us to use at Bates Creative for just this purpose.

It's really easy to use: you just File > Place the .mucow file into your Master page, and when the HTML exports, it adds the necessary JS to your index.html.

You can find the .mucow file and more info here: GitHub - asheabbott/aem-mobile-gestures-api-for-muse: This Muse Configurable Options Widget (mucow) ...

I hope this is helpful!





Very helpful. Can't wait to try it! This has been on my "to-do" list for a long time to figure this out, but now I don't have to. I know many people that will find this very useful. Thanks for sharing!




Thanks so much for this. Do you know if this, or something like this will work with articles that are created in AEM? We are having the same issue with those. I tested your script using a Muse article like you described and it worked.




I'm afraid I don't know, as we don't do much in AEM proper. If there's a way to add JS in the AEM interface, in theory you could paste in the relevant code from the .mucow file (the code between the opening



and closing



tags) and it should work.

But, again, that's totally untested. I just think that, since all this is doing is putting the JS into the index.html file (before the closing </body> tag), if you could copy and paste the relevant code into an "insert JS" box or something, it might work.




Thank you for finding and posting! Without it, designing in Muse was not going to be a viable option. VERY helpful.




Hey guys!

Just released v1.2, which has reworked code to trigger navigation toggle on everything except "a" links and "a span" links. We found that with the previous version, if we clicked a link in the article, which opens the in-app browser, it would toggle the nav and cover the "Done" button within the in-app browser. This should fix that issue.

Still located in the same place, just look for the .mucow file that ends in 1.2.

GitHub - asheabbott/aem-mobile-gestures-api-for-muse: This Muse Configurable Options Widget (mucow) ...