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DPSBridge module for Drupal


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Hi guys,

This version of the DPSBridge module is for the existing Drupal 7 websites. You will need to adjust/change some of the code to your node's fields.
This module is DPSBridge customized to our needs to get all the data from our existing Drupals' fields instead of original modules' Adobe Publish fields.
The only Adobe Publish field used is a checkbox "Upload to Adobe Publish" to upload the article to Adobe servers. Check that box after you already saved your article.

All the explanations are in the comments to the code inside function dpsbridge_helper_next_create_article($node) in the modules' dpsbridge_helper.inc file and in a few other places. Those comments are the main "documentation" on this customization.

The original DPCI's DPSBridge was originally developed/tested on Linux and wasn't working on Windows, but this customization is working on Windows and should be cross-platform.

Thank you,

Link to the customized DPSBridge module:

DPSBridge version customized to our needs [#2619242] | Drupal.org

Link to the original DPCI's DPSBridge:

DPSBridge | Drupal.org

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