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Page sharing among websites


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Zusammenfassung der Funktionsverbesserungsanfrage (RFE): Let authors unlock webpages to be used by authors of another website of the same AEM instance. (aka Page Sharing)

We run multiple websites in our AEM instance. Those websites have cooperations going on. One say that they can take over news from each other.


Authors had to copy and paste the news text and create and rebuild a totally separate page for it on their own website.


We did an attempt by telling them to store the news text in content fragments. Content fragments can be embedded by all websites on the instance. That works. However, the content fragements only the text without any components a news page may also contain (quotes, images, videos -etc.). So authors must replicate the components each time anyway.

Aktuelles/erlebtes Verhalten: We do content fragment sharing, but authors are unhappy, because of the missing components.
Verbessertes/erwartetes Verhalten:
  1. Authors of webpages can check a checkbox in the Page Properties to unlock them for Page Sharing.
  2. The shared webpages appear all authors as a dedicated tile on the AEM welcoming page.
  3. There they click a button named "Create shared page", which creates a live copy - literally like the already available live copy feature.
  4. The system shows all the content from the source page, but set the correct template in the background so the look and feel of the target website is applied.
  5. The system sets the canonical tag URL to the original webpage.
  6. The system "links" the components to the components of the original webpage, so as soon as the original component gets updated, the linked one also gets updated.
  7. Authors may "unlink" components to customize them, thereby losing the synchronization.
  8. Authors may set Page Properties and then publish the webpage in their own content tree, as usual.     
Umgebungsdetails (AEM-Version/Service Pack, ggf. weitere Angaben): AEM as a Cloud Service
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Thanks for proposing this idea
This has been reported to the engineering under the internal reference SITES-17821. The product team will triage this request to verify feasibility based on the prioritization model. This post will be updated according to the Jira request status.
But, can you confirm, if Experience Fragment can work in this case?
Status changed to: Investigating


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I did tests with XFs. They cannot help us in this regard:

  • The process wouldn't be feasible: We would force authors to create an article, an XF, and a page for each news.
  • Embedded XFs don't allow to place or replace in-between content. Authors would need to create each paragraph and headlines as a separate XF.
  • The internal paths of the hyperlinks in XFs are not changed to the correct source domain resulting in an HTTP 404 error.  

Kind regards.