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Adobe Assets: Enable DRM feature on DAM Shared links


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: Enable DRM feature on DAM Shared links
  • Sales and engineers have access to assets only from Brand Portal: they share licensed assets, or not licensed assets with external users without any issue (exernal users have to access licenses when downloading licensed assets)
  • Brand manager and marketing people are working daily in the DAM.
    • They prepare the assets, manage their publishing to the Brand Portal
    • They aslo share assets with external users like journalists, vendors or other potential assets consumers
      • These external users do not have access to BP nor DAM cause their need is very limited in time (once or twice a year maybe)
      • Brand Manager are working all day long in the DAM and they never or almost never go onto the Brand Portal (they might not even have an account)
      • They use the Share link feature with these external users to provide them assets collections, assets and/or folders directly.
      • Some categories of assets that they share are under license agreement and external users must not use the assets without confirming they accepted the licence agreement text.
This missing feature forces power dam user to have a Brand Portal access, switch between two platforms depending on certain tasks they have to do daily which is clearly not efficient nor productive.
Current/Experienced Behavior:
Improved/Expected Behavior:
  • We expect the Share link feature from DAM would benefit from the same license/DRM feature as the Brand Portal
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable):  
Customer-name/Organization name:  
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Hello @BriceOOO 

Thanks for this proposal.

There is currently an issue opened with our engineering team about the same, internal reference CQ-4297893

Although, there is unfortunately no ETA for the moment for this feature to be implemented

Status changed to: Investigating