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Ability to make fields in inbox notifications to be non-editable


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: By having the ability to make fields in inbox notifications non-editable, it will make the notification more secure and can act more as a reference for details and assignments.
Use-case: As a user, I want the ability to make fields in the inbox notification to be non-editable so that users won't be able to change the details of the notification.
Current/Experienced Behavior: Currently, all fields in the inbox notifications can be edited by multiple users and this can potentially lead to confusion for users. Users can change the content path, assignee, description, priority, etc. 
Improved/Expected Behavior: Ability to make the fields in the inbox notification to be non-editable for more security and dependability.
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): Adobe Experience Manager 2021.7.5607.20210705T063041Z-210600
Customer-name/Organization name: Accenture
Screenshot (if applicable):

Inbox notification fields mentioned above:



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Hi @cyle_valdez ,


Thanks for proposing the idea but I think there is an option to control if the information provided in the workflow dialog is editable or not. For example : If there is a workflow failure notification then it has various fields but those are not editable. Let us know if the understanding is incorrect and if you are referring to some specific scenario.

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Hello @Akash_Kapoor 


To explain more about scenario - Yes that’s correct that we have OOTB functionality is present where we have non editable fields present for workflow failure notifications in inbox. 
For Example - we have daily one notification scheduled for report, we want that notification as non-editable (we can do this by same functionality as error one as suggested by you earlier).

Now we have second scenario where every day we have Asset Expiration notification, Duplicate Asset found, and lot of other -- where we needed this edit actions. 


So when we change the definition of notification task it is affecting all the other notification, as only few needed to be limited to edit actions. 

What we are proposing here that, Can we have any customization where we can give or add action to each kind of notification, So that it will not affect other.


cc; @cyle_valdez