using a custom DOR xdp

ayecona 07-08-2019

I created on AEM designer DoR base template


so as you can see I am using a custom template for the DOR


on the designer I have a text field AF_TEXTFIELD_XFO


so in my adaptive form I create a text field which I name the same and it is binding to the Dynamic CRM data source field pcx_firstname


and that is all I have in my form right now


should I have all the fields from the custom DoR available?  what am I doing wrong?

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ayecona 13-08-2019

ok so I guess this I have to explain so that It can help someone in the future.

this I discover by just trying everything I could with the options of AEM forms. I needed to customize my DOR and here is how I was able to do it.

I created an Adaptive form with a basic template that comes with AEM forms. I used the one with "basic" template


gave it a name


chose my data source and then check the generate document of record.


this is how it will look


then I modified it. and it looked like this...


here is the trick I created in AEM designer a new template based on a document of record template


and I wanted to use that on the new adaptive form... well I clicked on custom and placed that newly created template but as you can read above on the beginning of the thread it would not show anything..... etc etc....


my new template...


this was when the thread started because I wasn't able to use my own custom template.... so this is what I did...


I figured the current template could be modified and then put back with the modifications.... my current template was the one I created but for some reason it would not show the values... but the template that came with the basic adaptive form would show the values... by downloading the template (the one I created) then opening this on AEM designer and modifying it as below


uploading the template into my Author environment


and setting that newly updated template on the custom DOR


this worked my pdf that is sent to my email now has the new modified template.


so basically Workflowuser was onto something


but I did not use the default template but the custom one...  I will give him the answer because it did help ….or should I give it to me???

ayecona 12-08-2019

Mayank Gandhi​ which I did in the beginning of this thread. I made a custom XDP but it wont show up.

please explain one thing to me.

1. are those templates (flow.xdp, multiple.xdp, split.xdp) XFA or NON-XFA based?

2. if I create an Adaptive Form with those templates can I use a custom DOR that I create with designer yes or no?

3. what is the best scenario to accomplish what I am trying to do which is to create a pdf with a government header and title. Custom pdf.


These are Adaptive form templates not XDP for DOR.  You either select the DOR to be generated automatically in which AEM forms uses it's own XDP template or you define your custom XDP as DOR template.

ayecona 12-08-2019

workflowuserMayank Gandhi can you tell me where these templates are in CRXDE? Is it possible to make a copy of them let say the basic and then change the way it looks in designer and upload it here again? that may work as a CUSTOM DOR....



ayecona 07-08-2019

this is my form very simple with the custom DOR


this is what I get on the DOR the values are not anywhere



but my Jason file does have the values