this.resolveNode("Hyphen").presence="hidden" not respected in Render at Server

GPhillips58 08-06-2018

We are trying to implement the OUTPUT module to generate pdf's after user fill them out.  I understand most of the differences between render at client and render at server.  What I am stuck on is the template has a text field "Hyphen" which displays a hyphen when there is a value for the 4 digit ZipPlus.  In designer when I run at Client the code works fine, when I run at Server (same as Output) it ignores "this.resolveNode("Hyphen").presence="hidden"".  I put an "xfa.log.message(1, "Hide Hyphen");" right after that line to verify the code is being hit and it is.  The code is on a fragment:


                if (this.resolveNode("Zip2").rawValue!=null)




                 xfa.log.message(1, "Show Hyphen");






                 xfa.log.message(1, "Hide Hyphen");


Anyone have any ideas on how to make this work?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (3)

GPhillips58 14-06-2018

I have been using the first link although application can get a little tricky.  The second I had not come across before but will definitely hang onto it as I had been wondering about that topic. Thank you.

DarrenBiz 12-06-2018

For the server, you might need to strictly scope your access to the fields Zip2 and Hyphen. There is a difference on how JS scopes its variables on the client and the server, mentioned here [1]. There is some more info on resolveNode scope here [2]

[1] Client/Server Scripting Differences

[2] resolveNode vs. resolveNodes