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The technology stack used in cq5 or AEM(Adobe Experience Manager)


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Adobe CQ5 uses the following technologies :

JCR – Java specification for accessing a content repository JSR-283 specification jcr 2.0 , cq5 uses its own implementation of jcr called CRX. Apache Jackrabbit is an open-source implementation of jcr 2.0 specification.

Apache Sling – RESTful framework to access a jcr over http protocol. It maps the request url to the node in jcr.

OSGi(Apache Felix) – Framework for modular application development using java. Each module called bundle can be independently started and stopped. OSGi container which provides implementation classes for OSGi framework.

Adobe CQ5  is a java based content management system from adobe.  It is based on a content repository to store the content of a website and use JCR(Java Content Repository) specification to access the content repository. It uses RestfulApache Sling framework to map request url to the corresponding node in content repository It uses powerful OSGi framework internally to allow modular application development. It means individual pieces of your application(called bundles in terms of OSGi) can be independently started and stopped. It uses Apache Felix as the OSGi container. Therefore different parts of cq5 can be independently started and stopped.

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