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Test and drop down fields do not save


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I develop our forms and publish them to PDF via the clunky route of opening them in Acrobat Pro and saving them as Reader Extended | Enable More tools.  I am wondering if this process impacts the fillable fields?  I have a multi-page form, and in one section there is a small text field, a drop down, then another text field.  These three fields never save:  I input information into the fields, save the file, then close the form.  Once the forms is opened again, there is nothing in those fields, but just those fields. 


Similarly, I have a few tables with buttons to add rows.  That works fine.  But a few tables down, one row keeps repeating when I do this.  I cannot determine why.  Any suggestions?

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@tmillercsb  Ideally, reader extending your form doesn't impact your form business logic it just opens form object to used in the reader. 



Hi @tmillercsb 

what you describe sounds like data binding issues to me. If most of your fields save and some not then these fields may have data binding turned off (look at the Binding tab under Object tab). Does it say "No data binding" in these fields?

What do you mean with "repeating" row? Do you mean that you press the add button in this table the new row contains same data?