sharing xdp in network - multiple editors opening the same file - how to avoid conflict?




At work, I use LiveCycle Designer to edit forms in xdp format directly on a network drive, an I have experienced the following issue:

1. I opened the xdp file A directly on the network drive using Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

2. I made changes to file A and kept the file open.

3. Without knowing, and because my colleague is working from another building, he opened the same file A and made changes and saved them at Time1 (9:00) and closed file A on his computer.

4. I saved then closed the file A open on my computer at Time2 (10:00).

5. After while, my colleague found out that the changes he made to file A were obsolete.


Adobe LiveCycle Designer did not warn my colleague that the file A is already open by another user (me).


As by my experience MS Word warns users when the file (ex. docx) they are trying to open is open in modify mode by another user. (I know that a hiden file is created beside the opened one, and this last is checked each time


Also, I am not trying to co-author a file at the same time but rather, I want to stop opening the same file at the same time. and without having to use something like google or dropbox (because security reasons) , or to set permissions (between modify and read) to each user or each file or folder.


My questions are:

Has this been discussed before in the forum? (I could not find.)

Is this a normal situation with Adobe LiveCycle?


Any expected solution on AEM forms new version?

Are there solutions to this situation with only configuration within Windows server or anything within Microsoft  ?

Any suggestion?


Please help.

Thank you


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This is expected not much you can do about this. Just do not keep it on the shared drive and let other developers ask for the latest form before making an edit.