publishing error: Failed to retrieve references for selected pages.

sybrandl3158301 15-10-2015

Hi there,

Hope someone can help out.. 🙂

On our authoring server, once click on the Publish Icon in the touch UI, we get the following error: Failed to retrieve references for selected pages.
Does anyone have some idea what might be the issue?

We can unpublish, not issue there, but just on the publishing side, its not working..

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated..


Sybrand Lubbe

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

AnkurAhlawat 21-09-2016

Hi Sybrand,

Sorry for late reply, might be you have already fixed this issue, but it will help others.

On this specific page you have used an OOB reference component, which is not able to retrieve its references. You can either create a package of this page from other publish node or can redeploy the code on this publish server.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

jayak13010535 08-09-2016

Hi Sybrand,

I have also faced the same issue. I have noticed whenever there are any references to a page (eg. Campaigns, Activities), then Failed to retrieve references for selected page error comes on publishing a page. 

Any solutions you have got to resolve this?

Thank you in advance.


jayak13010535 31-08-2016

One Quick Question, Have you applied Target on this page. Because same happens with me too if I perform targeting and try to publish the page. 😞

Any fix for this issue ?

sybrandl3158301 15-10-2015

Hi there,

No, not to forms, if I am in the site section in the Touch UI interface and select a page to publish, its giving me this error message and doesn't publish the page..

any thoughts?