Prefilling from MS Dynamics for AEM Adaptive



Hi Techies,

I am working on getting Data from MS Dynamics, it is interacting with lead entity and I am able to get request and response using GET/POST/PUT operations using rule editor when any panel or field is initialized or changed.

Now I need to prefill the form using http://localhost:4502/editor.html/content/forms/af/we-finance/cc-app.html?new_applicationid=1234

I tried adding below code in /libs/fd/af/components/page2/aftemplatedpage/aftemplatedpage.jsp but unable to get values in form. I dont know what to do next for form to make request to FDM model for get method based on new_applicationid

      System.out.println("Adobe !!!There is a applicationid parameter in the request "+request.getParameter("applicationid"));
      java.util.Map paraMap = new java.util.HashMap();

 Am I missing anything?

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