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Hey yall,

I'm trying to override the GuideDropdown component to be able to populate the option values dynamically in the backing bean. The values get populated and the drop down renders fine but the form will not submit anymore and the following error is in the console. Any ideas how to resolve this?

guideRuntime.js:26192 TypeError: Cannot read property 'priority' of undefined

    at child.getAttribute (guideRuntime.js:26698)

    at child._addProperty (guideRuntime.js:30187)

    at child.<anonymous> (guideRuntime.js:30156)

I pretty much just copied and pasted the /libs/fd/af/components/guidedropdownlist component and changed any references to GuideDropDownList.java to my own custom java class, which also extends GuideField.java. In the end I'd want the form to be able to submit and store the value within crx or a connected DB.

Ideally I'd like to do this in HTL and sling models instead of jsp but it seems the OOB adaptive form submit functionality will only store data from adaptive form components?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Instead, you can use SOAP-based Form data model and create its service. Use this service in adaptive form to load the dynamic drop-down list. I have shared details on similar use-case in old forum post:

AEM 6.3 Forms - How can I populate a dropdownlist from database?

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Answers (5)