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How to purchase AEM - Forms


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Does anyone know how to reach Adobe to purchase a copy of Adobe Experience Manager, I specifically need the Adaptive Forms piece. 


I have had no luck talking to Adobe sales on the phone. I called and was on hold for an hour. I spoke to someone on chat and they gave me a phone number to call, that was the same number I was on hold for over an hour. Usually companies sales teams are the easiest to get a hold of...but not in this case. Been trying for a full day and no luck. 


Does anyone know what a license/subscription costs for AEM - Forms?

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I have the same problem... even the Chat bot refused to help me because I make less than $50 million a year.


Employee Advisor
Please drop us an email on entrsupp@adobe.com. Kindly quote this link and we will guide you further.


Employee Advisor

can you please tell us your geographical location? We will then be able forward your request approrpriately