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Help with mailDoc()


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Hello all,


I am looking for assistance if anyone would be so kind. 


I have a dynamic PDF with 20 forms. I also have 20 checkboxes on the main page to display or hide any of the 20 forms. So if a user only wants forms #3, 7, 12 for example they would simply check off those forms. The rest will be hidden. Now I would like to place a button to attach only the visible forms to an email however I do not want the main page (the one with the checkboxes) included in the attachment. I know it is just a matter of showing or hiding the main page however I have tried hiding the main page in the button's click function but it will only hide the page after the email gets populated and the forms are attached despite placing the presence = "hidden" statement at the very top. My code is as follows:


main.presence = "hidden";


bUI: false,
cTo: "blah.com",
cCC: "blahblah.com",
cSubject: "this is the subject",
cMsg: "this is the message"


I also tried to place the event.target.mailDoc() as a function in a variable and called it via a timeout method but that did not work.


Thank you for your help



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@Labreclo  Can you try something, try triggering a mail again manually after hiding and see if the mail is as per the requirement.