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for-loop over dynamic table to hide buttons


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I have a form with a dynamic table. You can add or remove rows via buttons.

Before sending the form I want to execute a for-loop over the rows to hide these buttons.


The message box shows the right number of rows:

xfa.host.messageBox("Number of rows: " + Formular1.receipt.table.dataRow.instanceManager.count);


But unfortunately I don't know the commands for the loop. Any help really appreciated.


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Solved it right now - after lunch 


The commands are:


var numberRows = Formular1.receipt.table._dataRow.count;

for (var i = 0; i < numberRows; i++)
{ resolveNode("Formular1.receipt.table.dataRow[" + i + "]").rowPlusMinus.btnPlus.presence = "invisible";
resolveNode("Formular1.receipt.table.dataRow[" + i + "]").rowPlusMinus.btnMinus.presence = "invisible";