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Error while submitting forms via CDN


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We have created an adaptive form and we have tested that the form function normally when submitting the form directly through dispatcher. However, when we try to submit the same form through CDN (Akamai in our case), there is an issue when the system displays the guideAsyncThankYouPage. We found that the browser is trying to request for the guideAsyncThankYouPage.html with the origin server domain (dispatcher.mydomain.com) instead of the CDN domain (www.mydomain.com). Since our origin server domain only allows access from CDN, the browser request will fail.


The request initiator chain that we observed in the browser is as below:

- https://www.mydomain.com/content/forms/af/myform.html

  -> https://www.mydomain.com/etc.clientlibs/clientlibs/granite/jquery/granite/csrf.min.js

    -> https://www.mydomain.com/content/forms/af/myform/jcr:content/guideContainer.af.submit.jsp

      -> https://dispatcher.mydomain.com/content/forms/af/myform/jcr:content/guideContainer.guideAsyncThankYo.......


We would like to see if there is any settings that we can configure in AEM such that the browser will be able to request for the guideAsyncThankYouPage.html via the CDN domain (www.mydomain.com) instead of our origin server domain (dispatcher.mydomain.com).

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We have tried to externalize the URL "publish https://www.mydomain.com". But unfortunately the behaviour is still the same that browser is still going to dispatcher.mydomain.com to request for the guideAsyncThankYouPage.html