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Edit Adpative Form - Problem


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I hope you are all doing well. 

We are facing a bug on the edition of an adaptive form.

Let's explain the problem.

Try to create a new adaptive form, use the template basic (for instance), and put the empty theme as selected (now the theme is mandatory).

Try to edit the form container (guideContainer) and put a description, apply...and you will see after on the right...that the css is not applied.

If you refresh the page...the css is applied correctly.

So the problem is when you press the button to save the changes on the container.

What is the difference?

The difference is the form is refreshed via AJAX.

And when the from is refreshed via AJAX the behavior is not the same.

I have found 2 differences between refresh the page and the ajax request (guideContainer.jsp) and this is due because in one case the fallback clientLIbrary is inserted (fallbacklibrary.jsp) and in the AJAX request no.

What i'm thinking to do as a workaround is to put the content of the fallbaklibrary.jsp in the guideContainer.jsp.

Do you see any problem on that?


That bug is reported anywhere? It's is possible to have a patch?


PS: The behavior is only when you are using the empty Theme.


Best Regards and Thanks

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I am unable to replicate the issue with the latest AEM Forms 6.5 following the steps shared above. The page refreshes itself with any change in the theme settings (or any other updates) in the form container configuration. I am not sure if updating the content of fallback library jsp is going to help as it just provides the fallback theme option if nothing is set.


What version of the set-up you're testing this use-case with?





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Thank you for your response.


The version is 6.5.


Did you have put the empty theme as option?


Best Regards and Thanks


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@patrickf7466449 Hey, what's empty theme? Form will always refresh if you do any change in theme dropdown in form container and save the properties. Share a video if possible


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Hello, you can see the steps and you will see that there is a Bug.


Please follow the steps:

1- create the adpative form:


2- choose the basic template


3 - fill the form with properties and a theme


4 - After the creation please edit the form and the container in the left pane


5 - change the theme and put as empty


6- click the button save and you will that the form will be displayed without applying the css


7 - if you do arefresh of the page you will that the css is applied again

8- you can reedit the container change anything (but let the empty theme option)...and you willsee that each save, the css is not applied...because it's an ajax request.



@patrickf7466449Adaptive Form theme is the mandatory property and can't be left blank. Emptying the AF theme field is not a supported configuration. You can verify this in the AF's properties. If you want to have custom css, then you should include them in your custom theme's properties, and use that custom theme to create the AF later.