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Does cq:annotation permission comes via default OOTB for AEM users or they are part of ACLs?


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Hi All,


In our project the content authors are facing this issue which trying to annotate a page which is currently in workflow. Few authors (these authors are the participants of the workflow process & are viewing the payload) when clicking + icon at the top left corner of the page are getting error message at the the center of the page as 'annotation creates operation failed' while others are easily able to annotate pages which are part of workflow.

Now I am aware that cq:annotation property is stored as JCR node but I am unable to find any support documentation which can tell as to whether the annotation permission comes as default OOTB from Adobe or they are configured somewhere in AEM as i am not find anything under useradmin


Could you please tell me:

1) Is it possible to see which all users has permission to annotate pages in aem?
2) Is there a way to modify Annotation permissions of users?

3) Can a user annotate a page when it's part of workflow?





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