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Do you have a sample of a shared component taking a parameters from a parent component?


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I want a component that has a left side of 

Option1 (Anchor)

Option2 (anchor)


Right side is the form you see from the selection on the left.


I have this working using grid-item on the left, and on the right:


<div id="form" class="grid-item">
<p data-sly-test="${request.requestParameterMap['section'][0].toString == 'option1'}">
<article data-sly-resource="/content/forms/af/project/option1"></article>
<p data-sly-test="${request.requestParameterMap['section'][0].toString == 'option2'}">
<article data-sly-resource="/content/forms/af/project/option2"></article>


What I would like is a component on the left that can take ['option1 label", "option1 link", "option 2 label", "option2 link"]

or something similar 


Overall Question: Can I pass args to a component if the behaviour will likely be common?




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@JoelLucuik I don't get the use case. Do you want to share more details or some screenshots?