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Changing default login page


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I am attempting to change the default login page by following the steps listed here Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating a new login screen

What I want to do is change the background image, but I am running into difficulties. As soon as a new copy of the login.css gets pasted in the apps folder (which is the first step), the existing background image, and all other styles, fails to load. When I complete the rest of the steps nothing changes, even if i don't upload a new image and change the login.css file.

Another issue is that the Prerequisite section, in step 2, it says to copy the content folder from libs/.. to apps/.., but then it directs you to delete the folder you just copied. It seems that the end of the sentence in step 2.C has been cut off.

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Hi Sean,

Did you get it working? Let me know if it's unresolved I will check it at my end as well.




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Hi Mayank,

I still haven't gotten it to work. I have a ticket open with Support now.


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Based on my internal discussion the updated steps have been shared on the Ticket, I am sharing here with the wider audience:

  1. Log in at /lc/crx/de with Administrator permissions
  2. Replicate the hierarchical structure: of /libs/livecycle/core/content at /apps/livecycle/core/content. Maintain the same (node/folder) properties and access control.
  3. Copy login node:

from /libs/livecycle/core/content

to /apps/livecycle/core/content

  1. Delete files login.js and  jquery-1.8.0.min.js, from the node /apps/livecycle/core/content/login.
  2. Replicate the hierarchical structure: of /libs/livecycle/core/components/login at /apps/livecycle/core/components/login. Maintain the same (node/folder) properties and access control.
  3. Copy login.jsp :

from /libs/livecycle/core/components/login

to /apps/livecycle/core/components/login

  1. Add new images in /apps/livecycle/core/content/login.
  2. To add new styles:

Add new styles to /apps/livecycle/core/content/login/login.css

.newLoginContainerBkg {

background-image: url(my_Bg.gif);

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-position: left top;

width: 727px;


  1. Modify /apps/livecycle/core/components/login/login.jsp to incorporate the newly added styles.

<div class="loginContainerBkg">


<div class="newLginContainerBkg">

PS: Please make sure to clear the browser cache after doing these changes then only you are able to see the changes on the server.


Level 4

Yes, those instructions did make the tutorial more clear, but It still isn't working for me.

If I copy login.css to the apps/... node, the css page does not get loaded. If I create a new css file and reference it in login.jsp, that one doesn't load either.