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AEM Forms 6.5 javascript sdk library


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Hello community,


I find developing javascript functionality for AEM forms (in the code editor of the rules) to be a real chore (and that is putting it mildly) because it is very much prone to errors when the scripts reach even a modicum of complexity (which they do at times). I found this API (Adaptive Forms Index (adobe.com)) and it already helps a lot as a reference but what i would love is to have the referenced API in a javascript library, or even better a npm module, to prototype functionality using VS code or anything like that. The library would of course just have to be in the form of stubs / skeletons. Essentially I am looking for type safety during development, so a typescript compatible library would be even sweeter.


Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions regarding my general goal (typesafety / code completion).


Kind regards

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