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AEM 6.5 Form Deafult Users


Level 4

AEM 6.5 seems to come with default users

  • formsadmin
  • fpadmin
  • dtm-deploy-hook-user

These users have passwords and are not service users.


What is the purpose of the users?



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This is not an AEM Forms question but AEM in general. You should move this question up to Adobe Experience Manager level as you may not have the same, specialized audience here.


Employee Advisor


The default 6.0 installation used to come with a user 'formsadmin' that had write permission at /content/dam and was a member of forms-users, workflow-users, and contributor but this user was redundant to the permission set up for the 'dam-users' groups at the same node thus was removed before 6.1.

'fpadmin' had full permission at /content/forms/fp and was a member of 'contributors' but was removed for the same reason.


Could you please confirm, where do you see these users?