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Adaptive Form with i18n dictionary human translation


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Created a adaptive form with the human translation i18n and it has a dictionary which is mapped with the form. i can see the key string is auto generated for each field in the dictionary depends on the field structure. i have a below questions.


1. Can i create custom key string for each fields to be mapped and the translation will be displayed in the form. this will help the content author to add more resonable key string instead of the system generated key string in the dictionary.

2. Can i have a parent dictionary for multiple adaptive forms so that we can resue the commonly used text such as first name, last name , age etc.

3. For the drop down field, for example here we have options configured like 'Male=Male'. 'Female=Female', and in french drop down values are  displayed in french, but when we submitted the form the value is passed in english. ie the option value not translated to french. how to mitigate this. 


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1. Yes, it's possible to update the key-value pair using XLIFF files. You can download the XLIFF for a translation project, make relevant changes and upload the file.

2. Haven't tested this case, but dictionary assets generated after the creation of a project are specific to a form. You can use a parent XLIFF to be uploaded to any new form once created.

3. Shouldn't be the case. Are you seeing the correct translated key-value pair generated under assets in the CRX? What Submit action are you using? Please test the case with an OOTB submit action and let us know in case the issue persists. You can raise a support ticket.


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Hi @Pulkit_Jain_ 

Below are my observation 

1. Not able to export the XLIFF file from the project as it is failing with the below error. This package 'okapi-xliff-service-pkg' might be needed for export. which is missing in the AEM server.

Caused by: com.adobe.granite.translation.api.xliff.TranslationXLIFFServiceException: XLIFF service is not available
at com.adobe.cq.wcm.translation.impl.TranslationObjectImpl.exportToXLIFFString(TranslationObjectImpl.java:878) [com.day.cq.wcm.cq-wcm-translation:1.5.138]

2. For the human translation the dictionary which generated for the adaptive form is having a system generated string:key 'guideContainer##rootPanel##items##panel##items##guidenumericbox##jcr:title##9190'. this behaviour i can see after the installation of this package 'adobe-aemfd-linux-pkg-6.0.968.zip'. hope if the XLIFF file export can update the key this will not an issue.

3. Tested the drop-down values in the blank template. created a new project with machine translation. no translation french value available for the drop down value.