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Adaptive Form with Editable Page Template wrapper


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We are trying to switch from static page templates to editable page templates. We are mainly using Adaptive Forms, with Pages for Thank You and Form Portal.

With static templates, we were able to have the branded header and footer with navigation and links on the Adaptive Form template as well as the Page templates.

I'm trying to reproduce, but my Adaptive Form template isn't using the surrounding page template - it appears to be a "page" all of it's own.

We'd like to use the same page template so we don't have to maintain two sets of headers/footers, and so we can use the same common CSS clientlibs. FullWidth.jpgFullWidthForm.jpg

I have found the Adobe Experience Manager Help | Embed an adaptive form or interactive communication in AEM sites pag... but that seems to be more focused on a small form inside a regular page (i.e., you'd set the page up first and then plug a form into it), rather than just creating a form and having the wrapper built-in.

I've been following along the WKND Tutorial and searching We.Retail, but neither has any information about forms. Any ideas on what I'm missing?  Thanks!!

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I guess your end objective is to be able to use the same template in forms and Sites, Correct? Do you want to use Static template only for both or you can use Dynamic Templates as well?

Please confirm AEM forms version as well.


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We are installing AEM 6.4.1 and forms package.

We'd like to use Dynamic templates if possible.



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Hi Chris,

I would share a sample or steps to proceed further shortly.