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Demystifying Oak Search Part 3: Five Indexing Gotchas by Daniel Klco


In my previous post in the Demystifying Oak Search series on Traversal, I mentioned that to avoid unnecessary traversals, you should:

Use an index
This directive, is easy say and much harder to implement correctly in practice. For not only do you want to use an index, but you want every search constraint to be evaluated against said index.

While there are certain complex use cases where this isn't possible, even relatively simple queries can be run into traversal issues if you don't plan an test your queries against real data.

This post outlines some of the more common mistakes and gotchas when working with Oak Search / Indexing.

Play Along!

This blog post is interactive! I created a project you can checkout and run against your local AEM to illustrate the concepts covered in this post. Check it out on Github: https://github.com/klcodanr/oak-search-gotchas

Gotcha #1 - Not Using an Index

The first gotcha is the most obvious, however, especially in the throes of development, it's easy to put creating / customizing an Oak Index on the back-burner, after all, it works on your machine. Query issues won't appear until there's both:

Sufficient content to breach the traversal limit
Conditions in a query that can't be served out of the index

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Demystifying Oak Search Part 3: Five Indexing Gotchas


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