MSM feature improvements for AEM 6.5



Hi all,

I am working with AEM 6.5 and we are heavily using the MSM (one English Master and 156 Live Copies).

However, in our day-to-day work we have come across a few MSM related features which we think can be improved.

1. Ability to synchronise at component level - At the moment you can only synchronise the full page, but we have a lot of use cases, where this is exactly what we want to avoid. We can already rollout at component level, so I was wondering if we could also synchronise at component level, too. This would be very helpful to our authoring team.

2. View dialogue box without breaking inheritance - Currently, everytime you need to check for some content (eg. accessibilty or data tracking attributes) in the Live Copies, you need to break inheritance, open the dialogue box and revert inheritance again. This is an important part of our QA-process but it is increasing the editing efforts and is error prone, as you might forget to re-lock the component...  In 5.6 classic you were able to view the content of the editing box, without breaking inheritance. If that can be implemented again, it would speed up our QA enormously.

3. Editing with Live Copy Status selected - Since we upgraded from 6.1 to 6.5, we noticed that you could no longer do edits with the Live Copy Status turned on. There are use cases where this is helpful, especially if you have a lot of components on a page and you need to find and update the one with the broken inheritance.

Is the above something that is already planned in any future versions/service packs? If not, can they be considered in the next roadmap discussion?

Many thanks,


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