How to request metadata from images in Scene7?



I am looking to pull metadata from images in scene7. I'd like to pull the information stored in the description field in scene7 into the alt tag field in Adobe Experience Manager.


In looking through some archived documentation for scene7, this is the only information I've found regarding pulling metadata for image assets: 


However, I haven't found any reference to a shared secret within Scene7.

Where can this shared secret be found?

Or is there an alternative method that can be used to pull metadata from Scene7 images?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Garret,

The metadata pictured in your first screen shot can only be obtained using the IPS API.  We don't publish that API to the general public, so for access to it you will need to reach out and create a ticket with the Support Team.  You can do that by sending an email to

The documentation pictured in your second screen shot is for the UGC (User Generated Content) system.  It provides similar image serving functions for real-time user interactions, such as previewing a custom logo on a shirt or mug.  To get that shared secret, you will also need to open a ticket with the support team, so that it can be sent to you securly.

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