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How to inline include css using sightly | AEM


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Hi all -

Need your inputs and suggestion on how to convert the below css include to inlinecss in sightly. Does sightly even supports this inline rendering feature?

sample css include: 

<sly data-sly-call="${clientlib.css @ categories='contexthub.dependencies'}"></sly>

Thank you in advance.



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I think this question might be more suitable for the AEM section 


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For style and script contexts, it is mandatory to set a context. If the context isn't set, the expression shouldn't output anything. 

Examples :

  1.  <a href="#whatever" style="color: ${colorName @ context='styleToken'};">Link</a>
  2. <div style="background-image:url('${imageUrl@ context='styleString'}');">Link</a>

Just check this answer : Solved: Can I call sightly within Javascript? - Adobe Experience League Community - 230833