Error messages displayed when uploaded images in AEM Assets



I'm coming across a strange issue with AEM Assets in 6.4.

Whether I use the Create --> Files option in the ui or drag and drop an image from the local machine into Assets I am seeing the following error:


However this is for only 1 asset, if I click Ok, I'm then given:


If I select Upload, it presents another dialog with a progress bar that does nothing. If I instead select Cancel it closes the dialog.

Despite the above, the asset is uploaded and processed in the DAM. I see after I refresh the current page and it's renditions when I examine the file in crx/de.

Like the above errors, sometimes I see this when uploading an Asset. However the asset in question is brand new and not a duplicate:


I've tested the above scenarios in a vanilla 6.4 instance (no fix packs or service packs installed), in a 6.4 instance with SP3 and in one with SP4.

All are behaving in the same way with the above errors.

Please advise.





Since this issue began we have started the upgrade process to 6.5.1.

After many weeks of verifying, we have yet to come across the issue with that version.

So this is resolved with an upgrade to the latest AEM release.