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Hi all,

i've integrated Dynamic Media Hybrid Mode with my AEM environment. All is working fine but i have a question.

When i open the image url without any query parameter, preset, etc (https://dmserver/is/image/image.jpg) i'm getting a small image (300x200 px).

Is there a way to get the original image? (size, type, etc, without any modification)

And when i use the responsive feature with the OOTB responsive image preset, the page is doing two request https://dmserver/is/image/image.jpg?$responsive$​ which returns the small image, then is executed the s7responsiveImage js function and a new request is executed with the correct wid parameter https://dmserver/is/image/image.jpg?$responsive$&wid=XXX​X. is that the normal behavior? two request per image

Thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, that is the expected behavior.  Unfortunately, it's not possible to retrieve the original image file from the Delivery servers, but you can use the 'scl=1' command to get it back at full size.  For more information, check out the online HTTP Protocol docs for the Delivery Image Servers:


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Hi eharris3, do you know why two request are made?