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Does anyone else want to see metadata applied by metadata profiles passed down to children from parents?


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When we apply a metadata profile to a child folder of a parent with a metadata profile we have to choose which profile to use. It doesn’t inherit the data down to the children. For example, we have a profile for Brand attached to the Brand folders. Then we have subfolders under those for the Lines of Business that have profiles attached to them. Ideally, I can create a profile for Brand and one for Line of Business. I’d like to apply the Brand profile to the Brand folder and then apply the Line of Business profile to the Line of Business folder and see the data collected from the Brand folder passed down to the Line of Business one. We have Brand and Line of Business folders in multiple places in our DAM so not being able to pass down the data collected is going to create a crazy amount of metadata profiles which will become very difficult to manage from an admin perspective. So I’m hoping there might be something existing at the moment or in the works that will allow us to pass the metadata down from parent to child while still allowing the child to apply a metadata profile. In layman’s terms, instead of inheriting metadata profiles from parent folders I’d just like to inherit the metadata (or at least have the choice between the 2).

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@dmescia2 I remember we discussed about this in your previous post.


have you reached out to Adobe with ticket to ask for more clarity if its possible?

one idea is you can write custom workflow process step and add it DAM Update Asset workflow to copy the metadata from its parent(Brand) when you upload/update an asset in LoB folder.