Cropping Image Renditions Instead of Scaling



Is there an OOTB way in AEM 6.2 to crop image renditions on upload similar to how Wordpress handles renditions?  Currently the workflow is just resizing the image.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I dont think OOTB provides croping image renditions by default similar to wordpress.

we have similar issue when migrating from wordpress to aem. The ACS AEM Commons Named Transform Image Servlet allows specific image transforms to be defined centrally via OSGi configurations. It has ability to Crop the image to the specified bounds.

Named Transform Image Servlet


Only issue I faced using this your use case/ component cropping bounds has be analyised before hard coding(this can be changed at any time in fly since this is OSGI configs) and acs-commons version(we were using much lower version by then).

If this also not solve your use case then you have to go for custom logic to handle new cropped image rendition