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Connected DAM feature not working on on-premise AEM installation


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Our client is asking us to implement connected DAM feature on AEM 6.5 instance hosted on premise.

We have two AEM instances:  Sites author and Remote DAM author.

We implemented all of  the steps provided on this URL https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-65/assets/using/use-assets-across-connect...

On sites author  we need to configure all required parameters on this configuration page


There is a test button when I click that button I get this message: SUCCESSRemote DAM and Local Sites can communicate and Credentials are valid.

Once I click the save button on the screen the passwords of both "remote DAM technical user"  and "Local site technical user" is getting encrypted and password hash is getting saved on the node: 

This is  the configuration node : /conf/global/settings/dam/remotedam/configuration/jcr:content

After saving the configuration when I click test again configuration page I get a failure message.


So I edited the configuration using crxde screen and modified the password of both users and modified the password to plain text and saved it. After this the when I click the test button I get success message.


But when I edit any site's page on sites-author I am not able to connect to remote dam using page authoring UI. 

On the top left corner of the page editor I should be able toggle the assets icon so that I can search the assets from connected DAM. The feature to search the remote DAM assets on site author's page editor is not working.


Please help me resolve this issue. I have used admin user id and password on both remote asset DAM instance and Site instance. But no luck

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Additionally you need to have CORS configuration and Authentication handler and dispatcher config to allow headers. 


you should see errors in browsers.