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Asset Expiration Email Notification


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https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/author/assets/managing-assets-touch-ui/drm.html#AssetDigital Rights Management in Assets - docs.adobe.com https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/author/assets/managing-assets-touch-ui/drm.html#Asset

Configuring Email Notification - docs.adobe.coIhavrt

We are setting up our system so that each asset creator has to manually put in an expiration date for each asset uploaded. From the above documentation, it seems as if only the asset creator is notified by email previous to the asset expiring. Is there a way to setup the notification to be sent to an admin's email previous to expiration?


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Hi danv52209749​,

Both administrator & creators get notification as per document.



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Hi MC Stuff , thanks for responding

The above documentation states




Reference Post:- How Does Asset Expiration Work in AEM 6.1

// Read the comment from Mark:

This is the broad outline:

In Tools > Operations > Replication > Agents on Author > Default Agent (and Dynamic Media Agent if setting up HP) click "Edit" and access "Triggers" tab - check the box next to "On-/Off Time reached"

For the user:

1) Access the AEM Server

2) Upload Images

3) Select any image, click "View Properties"

4) Click "Edit" choose tab "Basic"

5) Input a time for either "On Time" or "Off Time"

6) Allow designated time to pass and check

Post 2 :- Asset/Page expiration alerts in AEM

Post 3:- Help- Asset Expiry AEM-6.1 Email notification and Inbox notification


Kautuk Sahni