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AEM 6.4 - Assets Admin Search Rail customization - Issue with Property Predicate


Level 2

We are customizing Assets Admin Search Rail Search form to add more filters in AEM DAM search filters panel,

Property Predicate is working pretty well but issue is that after search AEM is not adding search filter with search key in the upper rail.

AEM is adding search filter in upper rail only for filters created using options predicate.

Please see the screen shot.

Can someone help in this?


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Level 1

Hi Sujeet,

It seems to be missing, not sure if it is by design. However you can overlay the js file for the property predicate and add the functionality to the prediacte - /libs/dam/gui/coral/components/admin/customsearch/searchpredicates/propertypredicate/clientlibs/propertypredicate.js

Basically you would need to add a method to add/update the tag upon pressing of Enter and then submit the form. Again you would need to remove the tag when the property is cleared. You can reference /libs/dam/gui/coral/components/admin/customsearch/searchpredicates/pathbrowserpredicate/clientlibs/pathbrowserpredicate/js/pathbrowserpredicate.js to see how it is done, the handling for both the predicates would be very similar. The code is pretty self explanatory.




Level 3

Can you help me with something?  Seeking the property predicate for the Files and Folders in the Filter Rail.  We lost this capability in our DAM...Need to know if I can build this out in the Filter Rail by adding a particular predicate, not that familiary with which one would be for filtering by "Files and Folders".  Thank you for your assistance in advance.