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Adobe Summit 2019 | L721 - Leverage Adobe I/O to Handle Adobe Experience Cloud Events


Level 10


Session Details

Adobe I/O Runtime is Adobe’s serverless computing platform. It provides an easy way to run code on demand on Adobe’s Cloud Platform and integrate with Adobe’s cloud services without the effort of managing servers.


Abhishek Dwevedi, Tech Enablement Delivery SME, Adobe

Varun Mitra, Technical Enablement Delivery SME, Adobe

Session Length

90 Minutes

Learning Lab

L721 - Experience League Intelligent Guidance | Adobe


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Level 2

Hello there,

Thanks for the informative article. I really enjoyed going through this however have couple of queries, if you could please help answer:

1. Is this really necessary to integrate Launch with AEM through Adobe I/O? Adobe I/O to me looks more of an API gateway to other Adobe solutions but since Launch is more of a Tag management solution (client side) and not an API, I am not able to appreciate its connection with Adobe I/O?

2. Is it possible to transform/aggregate multiple APIs from multiple Adobe solutions at Adobe I/O for example transforming an API response to mobile friendly response or aggregating cloud and experience cloud APIs in one single API call?

3. As I understood, Adobe I/O is pay as use model? How will a client be ale to see their bills and invocations details? What all dashboards are there?

4. Can Adobe I/O be used to invoke APIs from other solutions than Adobe? If not, then what is the recommended topology- I mean clients are required to have another API Gateway as well along with Adobe I/O?

5. If I have AEM in a client specific cloud (AWS account), can Adobe I/O still be used for APIs? What's the best practice? If yes, what about the latency because of multiple clouds in place?

6. Could you please point me to real world solution architecture diagrams involving Adobe products and other 3rd party integrations involving Adobe I/O?

Thanks in advance!