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We’re prepping some internal presentations about our martech stack.  We'd like to show information about the order of operations of what Adobe services fire when a visit to our site occurs.

We know that Launch, Sites, Target, Assets, Audience Manager, and Analytics would all engage at some point between when the page is requested and when the server returns the page to the browser, but we’re curious what happens in what order.  This can help us better utilize the various parts of the Adobe platform together and create even more powerful experiences overall.

Any ideas here?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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So the order that the solutions "fire" on your webpage would be dependent on how you have deployed them. I'm not an expert in all our product areas but some of the solutions you listed wouldn't necessarily load in order and other might depending on your chosen deployment method.

If you are using Launch, most of this is taken care of for you by default. It also gives you some options where it makes sense. For example, some customers are running Adobe Target asynchronous whereas others are not. This is covered in our documentation and can be found here

If you would like additional information for each of the solutions, I'd recommend posting more specific questions in each of the solution communities. This will ensure your question is seen by experts in that area.


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