Keep getting, 'Error: As a security precaution this account has been locked due to too many failed attempts to log in'



Hi guys, how do i go about resetting my password so i can access the marketing cloud? Everytime i try to do so i'm sent a password recovery link, change my password but still the problem persists.


If you could help that'd be great.





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




When you are logging in, are you using your Adobe ID (email address) or your company name+account?

If it is your Adobe ID, see the information here to reset your password: Adobe ID, sign in, and account help - I forgot my password

If using your company name+account, see this article for assistance: Troubleshoot locked accounts


Let us know if that does not help, or if you have any questions.


Kind regards,

- Carey

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