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Customer Attributes - Troubleshooting Syncing with Target


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I am attempting to troubleshoot an issue we have with Target and Customer Attributes.

I have setup the data source in Customer Attributes, configured Target as the Subscription, and called `setCustomerIDs()` as required in my code.

The data seems to be flowing fine. Using the ID lookup tool, I saw that an ECID was being linked with the Customer ID. In Target, the Attributes are available when creating an Audience. A query to https://client-code.tt.omtrdc.net/rest/v1/profiles/thirdPartyId/xxxx?client=client-code even returns the expected data.


We initially noticed a problem when Target failed to match Experiences properly (in an XF a Activity) when using Audiences built using these Customer Attributes. We tested using Authenticated users that were included in the Customer Attribute data source, but no Activities were ever matched.  Again, IDs seem to be matched properly and, based on the API call above, Target seems "aware" of the data. However, when I looked back in Customer Attributes, under Sync Status, there is a message of "Unable to retrieve sync status.".


My questions is twofold: (a) would Sync Status issue cause the behavior above and (b) if so, what troubleshooting steps can I take to go about resolving it?

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The sync status in customer attributes are the number of records published and synced by Adobe Target and can be viewed by selecting the Sync Status icon against a specific attribute file. Sync % is a real-time metric that specifies the % of profiles that have been synced in Adobe Target.
Note: It may take up to 24 hours for attributes to sync with Adobe Target.

If you still face the same error after 24 hours, then I would suggest you raising a case with the client care team for further investigation.


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Thanks for the response. So, I just want to clarify: even though the Status = "Complete", the fact that Sync Status = "Unable to retrieve sync status" represents an issue (it has been well over 24 hours)? What is the difference between Status and Sync Status; specifically, how can on fail but the other succeed?