Bookmark (Reports) - With a Date Range of 7 Days, Last 30-Days, Last 60 Days, etc.



When I store a report as a Bookmark and select the date range as Last 7-Days, Last 2- weeks, Last 30-days, Last 60-days, Last 90-days, Last 6- Months etc. it does not utilize the current date and then look back 7-Days, Last 30-Days, Last 60-Days, etc. and it should. So when I open a bookmarked report I want to see the information from the current date back 7-Days, Last 30-Days, Last 60-Days, etc. that is why I have chosen this specific date range setting.


However, what is happening is the report date requires me to change it and it should NOT!!!!!!!






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Can you confirm this is with Adobe Analytics? If so, I'll move it over to the Analytics community to give it some better visibility.