Realtime Data and SDK 4.x lifecycle metric (a.deviceName)




I want to use realtime data with sdk lifecycle metrics, so I made processing rules to fill custom traffic variables and one event for

  • OS version (a.osversion (context data)) (prop1)
  • Device name (a.devicename (context data)) (prop3)
  • Launches  (a.launchevent (context data)) (event1)

All is working fine for launches and os version. But for device name there are no values in realtime report - but in normal custom traffic reports there are values!

Any idea what is going wrong?




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Michael,

I've also been interested in looking at that same data in the realtime reports. I followed the same steps you did and my data is coming through correctly in the Real-Time reporting page in Adobe Analytics.

I recommend double checking your realtime report configuration. Also test if you can see device name property with the metric set to instances. If you still aren't seeing your data I recommend contacting Client Care.

Will Hannold
Software Engineer - Mobile
Adobe Marketing Cloud

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